Let’s assume that you are happy with your skincare and make-up base and that you’ve applied foundation, any skin adjusters, concealer and powder you require. The next stage is blusher. There are creamy and powder blushers and it’s best to pick whichever you prefer and works well on your skin. More important is choosing the right shade as a rose blusher can look pretty bad on a warm freckly skin just as a brown one looks dirty on a clear fresh skin. Any doubts at all treat yourself to some good make-up colour advice. As an image consultant I’ve colour analysed and advised hundreds of women on make-up colour and lost count of the number who have their blusher shade wrong.

After applying a little blusher the next place to go is eyes. If you have difficulty keeping eye-make up, on a good eye base is a must and the secret of many women’s make-up bags. After applying the eye base it’s good to find a colour that can be used as a base colour all over the eye as a highlighter, I would suggest champagne for light skins, melon for warm and opal pink for cool just as a guideline. After that apply the stronger colour from your eye shadow selection over a little eye pencil, I find keeping this to the outer area of the lid works well unless you have particularly large eyes and can stand colour on the inner section too. All that you need then is the shades blended together with a medium shade and you have your eyes done.

Shade in the brows or just brush, apply a slick of mascara and the eyes have it. A word about mascara – black suits very few colour types and yet is present in the make-up bags of 9 out of 10 women who come to see me for make-up advice. There are so many beautiful shades out there, if you’re into colour experiment with greys, purples, aubergines and berries but if not black-brown covers a multitude of lashes.

If you are not happy with the length and thickness of your lashes it’s worth experimenting with false ones so that if you have a big even you can put on the Ritz.

Next come the lips and if you have problems keeping lipstick on a good lip base is worth its weight in gold. After that lip pencil in a complementary shade to your lipstick or natural if you are worried about too much colour. Maklon Kosmetik Then apply your lipstick taking care not to extend beyond your lip pencil/lip line. A word about lip colour – natural can be supremely boring and to me is always a sign of lack of confidence in the wearer. Knowing your best lip colours is an absolute gift and can lift your look on their own. As an image consultant I usually advise clients on three good lipsticks – a light sheer one in their colour range for more relaxed days, a creamy slightly stronger one for work days and a hot glamour one for evenings. It’s nice to have a lipstick that is a good standby but have pity on the onlooker – the same can be boring – spice up your life with a selection of lipsticks and choose a different one of them daily to suit your colouring and clothes.

Lip glosses are great and can be used over lipstick to add shine or the coloured ones can be used on their own over lip pencil if required – but they are an addition to your lipstick wardrobe rather than to be used instead of – unless you’re in your teens of course.

Try to update your make-up application techniques regularly as this will keep you current and change your make-up according to the seasons going lighter and brighter in the summer months and deeper and stronger in the winter months.